Famous 4th Street Deli

Since 1923, this corner delicatessen has been a Philadelphia tradition.  BUZZCommunications helps keep the tradition alive, with media relations and marketing.

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Frommer's Review

Pastrami sandwiches thicker than phone books, matzoh balls as big as baseballs, homemade éclairs the size of bedroom slippers: This gleaming-white corner deli doesn't just make authentic, comforting, spot-on comfort fare. It makes it huge.

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Political Notebook

Earlier in the day, at the Famous Fourth Street Deli's traditional power lunch — where the political elite, journalists and gawkers gather to eat huge pastrami sandwiches — it had seemed like the race was Dougherty's to take.

Doing Lunch, Sort Of

Continuing a long-standing Philadelphia tradition, politicians gathered at the Famous 4th Street Deli for lunch. Among the attendees were Gov. Rendell, District Attorney Lynne Abraham, and State Senate candidate John Dougherty.

A large crowd of supporters wearing T-shirts and holding placards met Dougherty at the door. He said he was nervous but optimistic and predicted that a victory for him would be a “win for Joe Average.”

Inside, Dougherty worked the room from end to end, never sat down, and had only some sips of iced tea. When asked why he wasn’t eating, he said: “I’ve been living on bottled water, Vitamin C and chapstick.”

Inquirer: Two Bells

Philadelphia Inquirer:

It's been completely rehabbed by Russ Cowan, who has brought along the fragrant towers of hot corned beef, superb smoked fish, and giant bowls brimming with chicken-in-the-pot that have made him the region's undisputed king of deli.


Election Day Tradition

Lunch at the Famous

Scenes from Famous Deli on PA Primary Day, April 22, 2008, photographed by the Philadelphia Daily News

Let's Make a Deli

The three most important things to know about the new Famous:

1) It's clean. Spotless. Spiffy. Its art deco lamps, tile walls and servers' shirts glow as white as Tom Cruise's teeth. Although the setup is basically the same-same wall of fame, same antique cash registers, same tall windows-the place is so spic 'n' span that it looks completely different.

2) The food is awesome. More on that after No. 3.

3) Its prices are steep. But not really, because its portions are huge-almost obscenely so.